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About Findex We're focused on meeting the needs of businesses and the individuals within them through a collaborative approach to financial services. We pride our self on an integrated service offering, giving you the peace of mind that comes with knowing your financial and lifestyle goals are being worked on. ________________________________________ Findex is one of Australasia’s leading provider of integrated financial advisory and accounting services. Boasting a wide and strategically dispersed presence across Australia and New Zealand, Findex is passionate about ensuring clients are provided access to the very best expertise and robust financial solutions that will ultimately see them through their entire business journey, or reach their own personal goals. Our key offering to you is our Family Office approach; providing you a single point of contact to oversee your affairs and work collaboratively with others from within the business and broader marketplace to provide uniquely tailored solutions for you. Our focus is on building long term relationships, so you have the security of a specialist adviser in every part of your affairs who you can rely on. At the cornerstone of this approach are four prominent and embedded beliefs; relationships and technology, holistic advice, continuous evolution, and advice for tomorrow. It is an amalgamation of these beliefs which has positioned Findex as the pre-eminent thought leader in the financial advisory and accountancy space. Holistic Service Offering Through specialist knowledge and world class resources, we have the ability to deliver a wide range of financial services under the one roof. Our integrated Family Office approach ensures every client is provided with a tailored solution to meet their individual needs. Intersection of Relationships & Technology As we enter the big data era, understanding clients and using technology to do so is increasingly important. By arming our people with the necessary digital tools, we can transform the financial services experience for our clients, whilst extending their access to higher quality services. Continuous Evolution We’re constantly looking at ways to engender innovation, and we nurture best practice when we find it. In a rapidly changing environment, it’s important we keep an open mind to all facets of business operations, and never stop questioning how we can improve the client experience. Advice for the challenges of tomorrow, not just today We believe that a forward looking approach to the solutions we provide better positions you to prepare for the challenges of tomorrow, whilst also solving the problems of today. We pride ourselves on continuing to evolve our service offering to you, ensuring that your needs are consistently addressed and met.

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