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Have been very proud to assist with Bartercard and Qoin over the past few years. Due to our balances with these currencies we are now taking Predominantly Cash. While of course the Qoins that you have are credits that you are wishing to use - I recommend you seek the services of someone who really understands the Qoin and Bartercard (and Business landscape). Services available in-person in Central Coast or Sydney or 100% online (access our expertise from anywhere in Australia!). A bit about Scott Kay (Founder - Integrity Plus Accounting): I've been working in accounting firms, helping small and medium-sized business owners, property investors and individuals for 18 years. While rising through the ranks in a middle tier city firm over 10 years, I received my Chartered Accountant and Tax Agent licences. I started advising my own clients, some of which I've had for over 10 years). I am uniquely placed to advise small businesses and the individuals and families behind them because: - I saved money and invested when I was young. - I invested in share options from the age of 17, I've bought and sold property, run websites, written blogs, published a book on Amazon, and so much more. - I started a business from nothing and created my own brand new client base. - I failed in business after my first 10 months in business (took a job!). - I dropped $100k in the first 6 months of my second experience in business (I know the devastating feeling that feeling your business isn't growing as quickly as you want it to). - I sold a property and bought another one without closing my mortgages (a property advisor I know charges $$$$ to teach that trick). - I've spent over $50,000 in the last 4 years on business coaching and courses as well as on countless hours educating myself through other professionals, books and videos on ways to grow and succeed whether in business or in relationships. I tell you all this not so that you are impressed. To me, my biggest achievement is that I've been able to run my business and still spend a lot of time with my wife and young daughter. I am blessed that I love what I do, I love the team that helps me and I love helping others free themselves from the anxiety and confusion of money and tax. That is what really matters.

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