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Kath Heycox teaches and inspires her clients to build a business that makes a difference in the world. She is not only an accounting advisor but also the director of KTH Bookkeeping Solutions and KTH Boosting Business that attract clients from Australia, United States and the UK. Kath is a registered BAS agent, has a Bachelor of Commerce degree and has over 25 years' working with and in small to medium sized businesses. In her spare time you will catch her at the beach with her favourite book, partying with her friends or shopping for some new clothes - a girl just has to look good, right? Kath has devoted many hours to conversations with business owners and understands what her clients want to know when it comes to the financial data of their business. Her accounting secrets have helped many of her clients take the pressure off the financial side of their business. Kath's custom program trains business owners to harness the power of growing a financially stable business and magnetise money by:- · Confidence in their financial data · Taking control and become the CFO of their business · Making calculated decisions to grow their business Kath believes that when business owners create, use and review their company's financial map, they build a business that becomes unforgettable.

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