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Thanks for playing! You've heard the saying, "Jack of all trades, master of none." Well, throughout my life I have striven (and continue to strive) to prove this saying wrong (my name not being Jack being a start - sorry to all the Jacks out there!). As a very shy kid growing up, I took solace in accounting and bookkeeping as my main focus of expertise, achieving qualifications such as Bachelor of Commerce (Accounting and Finance), Certified Practising Accountant and Master of Business Administration. But as my confidence grew, I decided to explore other callings in my life, gaining qualifications and experience in television and radio presenting (especially sports commentating), voice over work, master of ceremonies for various events and occasions (including and keynote speaking), and many other interests in between! Not too shabby for a shy kid, hey? So no matter if it is a/an: - Accountant - Bookkeeper - Registered Tax Agent - Business Consultant - Master of Ceremonies - Television and Radio Presenter - Voice Over Artist - Sports Commentator - or simply someone who you can trust and enjoy a lifetime of fabulous professional (and personal) engagement and memories, feel free to explore my wide range of services and see what trade (or even trades) of mine can help you! Australia Wide, or even Worldwide! I know no boundaries! And no matter which service/s you settle on, rest assured you'll be dealing with the same Louie Bulzomi - first time, every time!

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