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As a ABNLP Certified Coach and Chartered Accountant, Jeremy has helped business owners, entrepreneurs and teams around the world multiply their business results by helping them in sales, marketing, leadership and personal performance. Jeremy's Business Transformation Program is designed for business leaders with busy schedules who need someone to help them move through challenges of business and life amidst their stresses of it all. Business Transformation is a total personal and business development program that helps you perform at your potential by eliminating any emotional and mental blocks that prevent you from creating a successful business and life. The fundamental principle driving this program is based on the question - " How can I be a more empowered, effective and impactful leader, for myself, my business and my family? " With over a decade working in and leading major corporations in different countries, and over 5 years of study and experience in coaching, mentoring and facilitating change, Jeremy has have found that we are all capable of massive shifts in our personal and business performance by transforming from the inside out. Becoming the most free, purposeful and powerful you is equally, if not more important than, the strategy, planning and action in building a successful business. Jeremy's program will empower you to unlock your performance and create your dream business and life. You will create a strategic and tactical plan for your business and life. You will learn about human behaviour as it relates to you, your business, health, wealth and relationships. This will create a level of mastery in you that will allow you to execute with clarity and ease in your business, and be an illumination of excellence and love to your family and friends. Jeremy's clients invest in their success starting at $1000p/m to witness explosive growth within 6 to 12 months.

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