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Business Transaction Concepts Pty Ltd was incorporated on the 5th day of August 2016 for the purpose of commercialising our intellectual property system, which modernised key parts of the Australian Taxation System. The system is designed to handle GST, PAYG and superannuation collection systems. The current plan for Business Transaction Concepts is to develop proof of concept on a key element, being a GST collection system. Present systems currently in play are cumbersome, time consuming and expensive. The cost of compliance by businesses using existing systems is in excess of $15 billion dollars annually. Our GST card system will eliminate a substantial degree of these costs. ​ After analysing current processing problems, our system was designed to cover the electronic collection of GST and also incorporated a method of paying PAYG and superannuation at the same time as paying an employee's wages or salary. The process was called the 'One Click' system and an on-line video explaining the design was sent to the Re:think government team via their website. BTC's concepts have had a number of acknowledgements from various government entities.

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